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Cooperative   Training   and   Research   Center   has   been   established   with   the   basic objective   of   enhancing   the   capacity   of   human   resource   associated   with   the cooperative sector in the country. The center envisions fulfilling the objective through activities related to education, information, training, research, and development in the cooperative sector. The center was established in 1962 A.D. with the responsibility tobring   positive   changes   in   knowledge,   skills,   and   attitudes   of   the   managers   of cooperative   organizations   and   the   officials   of   regulating   agencies.   Currently,   the center   acts   as   the   central   agency   for   training   and   research   in   the   field   of   the cooperative. Situated in the prime location of Kathmandu valley, at New Baneshwor,the center is well established with more than a hectare in size and an abundance of accommodation facilities for training and research. The center is equipped with thelatest teaching environment. Since its inception, this center has been carrying out its activities within the limits of the annual program approved by the Government of Nepal.

Vision: Building a cooperative culture with good governance in the country.

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