"देशमा सुशासनयुक्त सहकारी संस्कृतिको निर्माण"


Cooperative   Training   and   Research   Center   has   been   established   with   the   basic objective   of   enhancing   the   capacity   of   human   resource   associated   with   the cooperative sector in the country. The center envisions fulfilling the objective through activities related to education, information, training, research, and development in the cooperative sector. The center was established in 1962 A.D. with the responsibility tobring   positive   changes   in   knowledge,   skills,   and   attitudes   of   the   managers   of cooperative   organizations   and   the   officials   of   regulating   agencies.   Currently,   the center   acts   as   the   central   agency   for   training   and   research   in   the   field   of   the cooperative. Situated in the prime location of Kathmandu valley, at New Baneshwor,the center is well established with more than a hectare in size and an abundance of accommodation facilities for training and research. The center is equipped with thelatest teaching environment. Since its inception, this center has been carrying out its activities within the limits of the annual program approved by the Government of Nepal.

Vision: Building a cooperative culture with good governance in the country.

Mission: To ensure the quality change in the managerial capacity of the manpower associated with the cooperative sector through modern and scientific managementof education, information, training, and research activities.

To meet the vision and mission of the center has set the subsequent objectives:

  • To develop business skills and thinking among officers, members, and humanresources of cooperatives organizations.
  • To motivate cooperative organizations to operate under the principles, valuesof cooperatives and policies and prevailing laws of the country.
  • To conduct study and research on diverse topics of cooperatives and help inthe formulation and implementation of policies and programs.
  • To create professional awareness through training and textbooks on various subjects of cooperatives.
  • To play a leading role in studies, research, and development in the cooperative sector.
  • To take meaningful initiatives for the development of skilled leadership in thecooperative sector.
  • To  enhance  reputation  in and out of the   country   through   institutional   andpolicy actions.

To   achieve   the   aforementioned   objectives,   the   center   exercises   the   following functions, duties, and powers under prevalent laws:

  • Provide   necessary   support   in   the   accreditation   of   educational   activities regarding cooperatives conducted by various organizations and agencies at all levels.
  • Assist in  the operation of cooperative   educational   programs   at school anduniversity levels.
  • Assist   in   cooperative   education   and   training   programs   conducted   by   theprovince and local governments.
  • Carry   out   necessary   research   and   management   consultation   for   the upgradation of cooperative training.
  • Formulation   of appropriate  training policies and programs to promote  and develop cooperatives.
  • Formulation  of annual  programs  of   cooperative  training   at  the  central  andregional   levels   within   the   scope   of   periodical   plans   and   sectoral   policies, strategies, and goals.
  • Revise   curriculum   and   training   methods   to   make   cooperative   trainingprograms demand-based and goal-oriented.
  • Conduct training programs according to approved programs.
  • Conduct   training   programs   in   partnership   with   cooperative   affiliated organizations.
  • Prepare periodic reports on training and research.
  • Personnel administration, financial administration, and internal administrationof the training center under prevailing laws and delegated authority.
  • Perform other tasks as specified.

In   line   with   the   functions,   duties,   and   power,   the   center   provides   the   following services and facilities, presently:

  • Residential training
  • Mobile training
  • Preparation and publication of training materials
  • Research, Studies, and Consultation in the cooperative sector

Recent Activities

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